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  December 2021 Newsletter


End of 2021

As the end of another unusual year approaches, there are still some great Japan-related events to enjoy!

See below for news about AJS-NSW and community events.

JETAA Photo Contest

As part of Japanaroo 2021 in August, JETAA NSW held a Photo Contest on the theme Visualising Japan. AJS-NSW supported a prize entitled “Visions of Japan in Australia” . The winner will receive an annual membership to AJS-NSW, plus a credit to attend AJS-NSW events.

The shortlisted and winning photos are on display now at the Ilford Gallery, Ted's World of Imaging, 317 Pitt Street, Sydney.

Exhibition dates: Sat 04 Dec through Tue 14 Dec

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday   9:00am – 5:30pm (Thursday until 7pm)
Saturday                   10:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday                      11:00am – 4:00pm

Japanaroo, held virtually in August, has been extended to include in-person events during December, culminating with a Gala Concert at the Sydney Town Hall on December 17th (Friday), and the Matsuri in Chatswood on December 18th (Saturday).

Many Sydney businesses have special offers, including restaurants with limited-time menus of regional food (think Fukuoka ramen, Nagoya eel and Hokkaido BBQ) and sake, and retail businesses with offers ranging from interior goods through to fashion.

See the Japanaroo website for details and event signups.

Zoom Culture Series: New Year (Oshogatsu) ikebana, 5 pm, December 29th

Just to inspire you to try your hand at Japanese-style flower arrangement for the New Year, we will welcome Hiroko Prado, a teacher in the Sogetsu ikebana school, to give an online demonstration. Hiroko will give a brief history of ikebana, demonstrate one of the basic styles, and show how Australian seasonal flowers can be used in place of the traditional oshogatsu ikebana.

For more details and registration, see the AJS-NSW Event page here.

The Sogetsu school is currently running an exhibition and workshops in the Sogetsu Ikebana Awakening Exhibition at Calyx in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Admission is free.

Dates: December 4th - 11th

See Botanic Gardens website for details of demonstration times.

NEW Board members

We welcome two new members, Lindsay Clift and Kimiyo Aizawa, to the AJS-NSW Board. Both bring younger generation perspectives to your volunteer Board.

Lindsay is a civil engineer working in management consulting at one of our corporate members, KPMG. During his university days, he studied at Hosei University; he remains engaged with Japan through his work and socially.

Kimiyo Aizawa is currently studying entrepreneurship while building her business which assists young women to find their “ikigai” and develop their careers and future lives.

The Australia-Japan Society is ultimately a membership organization. At this point we would like to invite members to tell us what you would like to see us doing, or doing more of, in 2022 and beyond. For example, our Zoom Japanese Culture series of events has been popular during COVID.  Would you like to see these Zoom events continue, or are you ready to move back to in-person events? What mix of business-related and social/cultural events would you like to see? Do you have ideas for new activities for the Society, including family activities? Please send any feedback you might have to our email, marked “Feedback”, or engage with me or other Board members personally.

With best wishes, Anita Byrnes (President)


[link:ebinar] Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) and Meat & Livestock Australia: Japan Market update]

 Japan Local Government Centre CLAIR Sydney Newsletter



Asian Three-Fold Mirror 2016: Reflections, a film co-created by three acclaimed directors from Asia, is streaming for free worldwide until June 30.

Co-produced by The Japan Foundation Asia Centre and Tokyo International Film Festival, Asian Three-Fold Mirror 2016: Reflections centres around the theme "Living Together in Asia.” Crew and cast joined forces across national borders to reflect on the lives of characters who journey between Japan and Cambodia, the Philippines and Malaysia.


The Japanese Film Festival has teamed up with MOOIC LAB for JFF Online, a free online streaming service available worldwide. Explore the lineup of 12 indie films available to watch now, including Japanese Film Festival Australia titles from 2019, Rent a Friend and Moonless Dawn.


Calling all NSW residents interested in getting a taste of Japanese language. Applications are now open for the May-July Taster course! You'll learn basic conversational Japanese skills in a fun, interactive online classroom.  

[link: ]

Learn Japanese through your favourite shows with a free Google Chrome extension. You can add subtitles with furigana or romaji, click on any word to get the definition and pronunciation, and add an English translation.  


Aspiring translators of contemporary Japanese literature are welcome to apply. Translation from Japanese to English or German of two texts. Submission by end July.


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