AJS-NSW has a number of upcoming events and more in the pipeline. 

Upcoming events

    • 19 Oct 2018
    • 10:00 AM
    • 20 Oct 2018
    • 10:00 PM
    • Day 1 Teachers Federation Conference Centre, Day 2 Aerial UTS Function Centre

    Conference of the National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies

    The National Conference of the Federation of Australia-Japan Societies will be held on Friday 19th - Saturday 20th October, 2018 in Sydney, hosted by AJS-NSW.

    The Conference theme is: Australia and Japan: Deeper understanding, New dimensions.

    The Conference is open to anyone interested in the Australia-Japan relationship and we are preparing an exciting program that will appeal to a wide range of people. We expect delegates from Australia-Japan Societies around Australia and from Japan-Australia Societies (JAS) in Japan to be in attendance.

    The conference program is as follows:

    Day 1 Australia-Japan business – New dimensions

    When: Friday, October 19 2018 10:00am - 5:00pm

    Where: Teachers Federation Conference Centre,

    37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 Map

    Program Day 1 Latest details here

    • Latest developments in the Australia-Japan relationship
    • Innovation
    • Business success stories
    • Sport
    • Tourism
    Welcome reception

    Reception now fully subscribed

    Day 2 Theme: Communities and Culture – Deeper understanding

    When: Saturday October 20 2018 10am - 4:30pm 

    Where: Aerial UTS Function Centre  

    Building 10, Level 7/235 Jones St, Ultimo NSW 2007 Map
    Venue kindly sponsored by University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

    Program Day 2 Latest program here

    • Sister cities
    • Education (Teachers/students - click for poster)
    • Cultural performances, incl. Hochoshiki by Hideo Dekura (traditional knife ceremony)
    • Popular culture: SMASH talk, manga competition, cosplay parade
    • Workshops: Taiko, Japanese poetry (haiku), ikebana, kimono
    • Using Japanese in my career
    • AJS and JAS Societies
    Gala Dinner 6pm - 10pm

    Where: National Maritime Museum Lighthouse Gallery, Darling Harbour   Map

    Enjoy a fabulous Gala Dinner on the Darling Harbour waterfront. The price includes 3-course dinner with unlimited wine and beer, plus only-in-Sydney entertainment.

    Dinner registrations CLOSED.

    Day 1 and Day 2 still open. Sign up and pay online (Paypal/credit card) by clicking here.

    Alternatively use the PDF form and send by email. For payment options see the form.

    We look forward to seeing you in Sydney in October!


      Gold Corporate  Sponsor

         The National Conference is supported by the Australian          Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the              Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

    Supported by:
    • Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sydney Inc.
    • Japan Local Government Centre (CLAIR Sydney)
    • Japan Foundation, Sydney






    1日目テーマ:豪日間ビジネス 新たな局面に向けて


    場所: ティーチャーズ・フェデレーション・カンファレンス・センター
       37 Reservoir Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010   地図


    • 豪日関係最新動向
    • イノベーション
    • ビジネス・サクセスストリー
    • スポーツ
    • 観光


    2日目テーマ:コミュニティーと文化 相互理解の深化に向けて



        Building 10, Level 7/235 Jones St, Ultimo NSW 2007 地図



    • 姉妹都市関係
    • 教育
    • 日本料理包丁式等の文化パフォーマンス
    • ワークショップ:アニメ、太鼓、日本詩歌、生け花、書道、着物
    • 日本語を使用する職業
    • 豪日協会(AJS)と日豪協会(JAS

    ガラディナー 午後6時~10

    場所:オーストラリア国立海洋博物館・ライトハウスギャラリー 地図







    • シドニー日本商工会議
    • 国際交流基金(ジャパンファウンデーション)、シドニー
    • 一般財団法人自治体国際化協会シドニー事務
    • 09 Nov 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Sydney University, Old Geology Lecture Theatre (next to footbridge Parramatta Road)

    Free Japanese culture event -

     Inoue Yasushi Award event - November 9 (Friday)

    AJS-NSW is pleased to support this annual cultural event at which the Inoue Yasushi Award is presented to a scholar of Japanese culture.

    In 2018 the awardee is Dr. Roy Starrs of the University of Otago, New Zealand, author of Deadly Dialectics: Sex, Violence, and Nihilism in the World of Yukio Mishima.

    The Inoue Yasushi Award was established in 2006 (Australia-Japan Year of Exchange) at the University of Sydney by the Inoue Yasushi Memorial Foundation/Inoue Family and Masanori Ohtani of Sydney (a Board member of AJS-NSW). Dr. Mats Karlsson of the University of Sydney will MC.

    This year's cultural program will see a screening of the movie Mishima, A Life in Four Chapters (1985).

    Produced by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas, with Mishima portrayed by Ken Ogata, the film is based on the life and work of Japanese writer Yukio Mishima. it interweaves episodes from Mishima’s life with dramatizations of segments from his books The Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Kyoko’s House, and Runaway Horses.

    For details download the flyer. Attendance is free but registration is required to

    Any enquiries should be made direct to the organizers at above email.

Past events

23 Aug 2018 Sustainability in business with Dr. David Cooke, Konica Minolta
06 Jul 2018 Shaberanaito...日本語でしゃべらナイト
19 Jun 2018 Australia and Japan: Stronger defence ties - what does it mean?
28 May 2018 2018 Student Awards Night
16 May 2018 Japanese Sake Tasting Event
21 Feb 2018 Calligraphy Performance and Workshop with Ren Yano, Plus AJS new venue celebration
09 Feb 2018 Japanese-speaking Shaberanaito for 2018...日本語でしゃべらナイト
19 Dec 2017 Supported event: Innovation Dojo Finale Pitch Night
21 Nov 2017 AJS-NSW Annual General Meeting (AGM)
08 Nov 2017 Japan's Future Workforce, with Debra Hazelton, Mizuho Financial Group
20 Oct 2017 Supported Event : Inoue Yasushi Award and Culture Event
16 Oct 2017 New highs in Australian tourism to Japan, with Kana Wakabayashi of JNTO
26 Sep 2017 Supported Event: Australia, Japan & International Economic Outlook Seminar 2017
17 Sep 2017 Annual Sumo Party 大相撲観戦会
14 Sep 2017 Mister Minit – the Japan experience
14 Jul 2017 Japanese-speaking Shaberanaito 日本語でしゃべらナイト
22 Jun 2017 Japanese Whisky Tasting Event
25 May 2017 Innovation - Solving Big Problems for Australia-Japan
27 Apr 2017 2017 University Awards Night
07 Apr 2017 Japanese-speaking Shaberanaito 日本語でしゃべらナイト
28 Feb 2017 Japan and Australia in the Trump Era
20 Nov 2016 Annual Sumo Party 大相撲観戦会
16 Nov 2016 Sydney Modern Project & Tsukioka Print Exhibition
18 Oct 2016 A conversation with Adam Liaw, Masterchef winner and food presenter
07 Oct 2016 Supported Event : Inoue Yasushi Award and Culture Event
10 Aug 2016 Shaberanaito: in Japanese 日本語でしゃべらナイト
21 Jul 2016 UNIQLO's Australian Advance, with Sho Miyasaka, UNIQLO Australia CEO
08 Jun 2016 2016 University Awards Night; Consul-General Takaoka keynote "Japan, Australia and the G7 Summit"
07 Apr 2016 Shaberanaito: in Japanese 日本語でしゃべらナイト
21 Mar 2016 Supported Event: Australia, Japan & International Economic Outlook Seminar 2016
16 Mar 2016 Volunteering in Tohoku - after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami – John Black
02 Feb 2016 Asia Region Funds Passport - Financial Services Council, CEO Sally Loane
22 Nov 2015 Save the Date- Annual Sumo Party 大相撲観戦会
04 Nov 2015 Shaberanaito : 日本語でしゃべらナイト
18 Sep 2015 Culture Program: "Inoue Yasushi & the Four Seasons in Japan"
13 Aug 2015 "How Japan Can Save the World" with Roger Pulvers
30 Jul 2015 Shaberanaito : 日本語でしゃべらナイト
14 Jul 2015 Japan through the Lens of a Global Investor
16 Jun 2015 From exchange student to Executive VP of Mitsui Australia - Wendy Holdenson
19 May 2015 2015 University Awards Night with keynote speech by Consul-General Takaoka
09 Apr 2015 Shaberanaito: in Japanese 日本語でしゃべらナイト
21 Mar 2015 Twilight Barefoot Bowling
17 Mar 2015 Supported Event: ABENOMICS THE JAPANESE ECONOMY OUTLOOK seminar
26 Feb 2015 Learning from Japan about an Ageing Society
17 Feb 2015 Theatre Party: Yasukichi Murakami: Through a Distant Lens
24 Nov 2014 AJS-NSW AGM
16 Nov 2014 Annual Sumo Party 大相撲観戦会
12 Nov 2014 AJS Business Series: R&D activities of Canon in Australia
31 Oct 2014 Supported Culture Event: Inoue Yasushi Award and Film Night
23 Oct 2014 Sports Business in Japan: The Next Six Years will be full of Opportunities!
15 Oct 2014 Shaberanaito: in Japanese 日本語でしゃべらナイト
23 Jul 2014 Shaberanaito: in Japanese! 日本語でしゃべらナイト
09 Jul 2014 Food safety/security trends and the Japan - Australia Economic Partnership
18 Jun 2014 Making Japan Still Matter for Australians - the New Colombo Plan and Effective Strategies for the Future
21 May 2014 2014 University Awards, with Presentation by Consul-General Takaoka on PM Abbott's recent Japan visit
22 Mar 2014 Twilight Barefoot Bowling
11 Mar 2014 March 11 - Tohoku - 3 years on!
19 Feb 2014 Shaberanaito: in Japanese! 日本語でしゃべらナイト
13 Nov 2013 Nikkei-Australians: Change and contributions
07 Nov 2013 "JAPAN: THE AWAKENING" - JETRO Sydney Business Promotion Symposium, 7th November 2013 -- an AJS-NSW supported event
12 Oct 2013 Japanese Cooking Event & Wine tasting, with chef Yoshiko Takeuchi
20 Sep 2013 Supported Culture Event: Inoue Yasushi Award - Hirayama Ikuo and the Silk Road - Poetry and Concert
20 Aug 2013 AJS Business Series - Encouraging Japanese investment in Australia, Jane Madden of Austrade
08 Aug 2013 Shaberanaito: in Japanese! 日本語でしゃべらナイト
02 Jul 2013 'Fukushima' with Mark Willacy, ABC North Asia correspondent
11 Jun 2013 AJS Business Series - High-speed rail: What Australia can learn from the Japanese experience
21 May 2013 University Awards & Presentation 'Japan is Back!' by Consul-General of Japan in Sydney Dr. Kohara
04 Apr 2013 Supported Event: Australia, Japan & Intl Economic Outlook Seminar
06 Mar 2013 Shaberanaito: in Japanese! 日本語でしゃべらナイト
08 Dec 2012 Watch Baseball - Sydney Blue Sox vs Canberra Cavalry - with Hanshin players
26 Nov 2012 AJS-NSW AGM (Annual General Meeting)
01 Nov 2012 Shaberanaito: in Japanese! 日本語でしゃべらナイト
26 Sep 2012 "Australia’s Approach to the Asian Century", Guest Speaker former diplomat Mr. Richard Woolcott
24 Sep 2012 Welcome Dinner - Toyama Japan - Australia Society (JAS)
29 Aug 2012 AJS Business Series - Japanese M&A in Australia: an Update
10 Jul 2012 University Awards & Presentation by Consul-General 'Issues in Japan and the Australia-Japan relationship'
04 Jul 2012 Shaberanaito: in Japanese! 日本語でしゃべらナイト
14 Jun 2012 AJS Business Series: 'Securing Japan's Energy and Resources'
01 Jun 2012 Supported Event: Japanese culture evening - Inoue Yasushi Award and Concert
04 Apr 2012 Shaberanaito: English-Speaking Only! 英語でしゃべらナイト
27 Mar 2012 Supported Event: Austrade-JETRO "Opening the Door to Business with Japan"
22 Mar 2012 Annual Sumo Party 大相撲大阪春場所の観戦パーティ
08 Mar 2012 AJS Business Series: 'After the Japan Disaster - Business Impacts and Outlook', Elizabeth Masamune, Austrade
01 Mar 2012 Supported Event: University of Sydney Law School - Disaster Prevention and Management
24 Nov 2011 Supported Event: Australia & Japan Economic Outlook Conference
10 Nov 2011 Shaberanaito: Japanese Speaking Evening
21 Sep 2011 Acclaimed Food Manga Writer Tetsu Kariya Returns
14 Aug 2011 Sake and Ume-shu Tasting with Angus Beef BBQ
28 Jul 2011 AJS Business Series: 'Australia-Japan: A Forgotten Economic Relationship?' Prof. the Hon. Stephen Martin of CEDA
24 Jun 2011 University Awards & Presentation Consul-General "Japan and Japan-Australia Relations after the East Japan Earthquake Disaster"
29 Apr 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Charity Concert
19 Apr 2011 Japan’s Economic Outlook: Impact of Recent Disasters
15 Apr 2011 Japanese literature evening - Inoue Yasushi Award and Exhibition Opening
12 Apr 2011 Supported event:Exploring Japanese language and culture- J-movie “Departures”
22 Mar 2011 Supported Event: Fantasy and Imagination: Exploring Japanese Creative Writings
12 Mar 2011 Sound of Beauty Concert
31 Jan 2011 Supported event: Japanese language classes
24 Nov 2010 Supported Event: Kanagawa Business Seminar
22 Nov 2010 Japanese Film Festival
18 Nov 2010 Sumo Watching Party
18 Nov 2010 Supported Event: Australia & Japan Economic Outlook Conference
04 Nov 2010 External Event: Nagoya Day
27 Oct 2010 Investing in Australia - Managing Political Risk
12 Sep 2010 Wagyu Lunch in Megalong Valley
11 Aug 2010 Japan’s Food Manga - Tetsu Kariya Talks
23 Jun 2010 Japan Market Entry Success Stories
28 Apr 2010 Shaberanaito: Japanese Speaking Evening
07 Apr 2010 Art Lecture: Utamaro Japanese prints "Edo City: Crucible of Culture"
13 Mar 2010 Family Barefoot Bowling
24 Feb 2010 Working for a Japanese Company
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